My primary medium is acrylic on canvas and panels. Other works are on quality paper in graphite and pen & ink. Works can range in size from miniatures to large murals.
The paintings are priced unframed and varnished. Framing is an art in itself and best left to you and a framing professional.

From time to time I’ll show paintings with a frame to give an impression of what they could look like. If you like I can order one for you after you make a selection electronically.
Also, I do my best to photograph them accurately but your view may be slightly different than mine. You shouldn’t worry about that because I promise if you don’t like your painting for any reason, I will refund your money, including shipping and fees. Just inform me within 15 days and return it in the same condition you received it.
Most clients say how much better the paintings look in person!


3687 Presidents Road

Scottsville, VA 24590 


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Type of Business: Art